The Denver Broncos Filled Their Stadium With 1,800 South Park Character Cut Outs.

Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Chef, Towelie, Satan and yes, even Mr. Hanky, were among those in attendance at Sunday’s Denver Broncos game.

The Broncos’ marketing department reached out to Comedy Central and South Park Studios about buying cut-outs of the characters since fan attendance at games will be limited this season. The team is selling the opportunity for fans to have their pictures on cut-outs in the seats during home games and donating the money raised to Denver Broncos Charities.

The show purchased more than 1,800 of the cut-outs to represent characters from South Park. Those characters — which made up a substantial portion of the overall cut-outs on Sunday — as well as those purchased by fans overall, have raised $130,000 to be dispersed to local charities. Verder lezen...