Couple Who Canceled Wedding Due to COVID Donates Catering Deposit for Thanksgiving Meals.

"It seemed like an easy decision and the right thing to turn something that we could have been disappointed at to give to so many people who need it right now"

An Illinois couple whose canceled their wedding during the coronavirus pandemic turned a bad situation in an uplifting one when they donated their nonrefundable catering deposit to give Thanksgiving dinners to people suffering from mental illness.

Emily Bugg and Billy Lewis got engaged in July last year and had been planning their fall wedding ever since. But as the pandemic raged on and their 150-person wedding transformed into a City Hall elopement in October, the couple was forced to make some challenging decisions.

After all the refunds and cancellations, they were left wondering what to do about their nonrefundable $5,000 catering deposit. Verder lezen...